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Marriage   Resetters


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Are you experiencing challenges in your marriage? Are you coasting, or might you be crashing? If it’s the latter, you may be in need of what we like to call a 90-Day Marriage Reset Challenge.

This book is composed of relationship strategies, tools, wisdom and truth that helped us to reconnect to each other, retune the dynamics of our relationship, and reignite the flame that we once had. It is designed to help you to uncover underlying triggers and issues and to equip you with the skills to explore and understand who your partner is.

Through this challenge you will learn to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict, to be spontaneous and intentional, and to strengthen your marriage by being connected with like-minded couples.

Join in on this challenge of rediscovering, redefining and revolutionizing the vision for your marriage!   

Our Book 



Overall the book was good.There were some concepts that helped us to reflect on why’s of marriage and reminded to continue to work through the tough spots. Most of the topics are practical, but a needed refresher. The book is slow start and it was hard to read initially. I’m glad to say it got better with each chapter.


- CS

This book is practical and REAL! As I read it, I find things that I can easily implement in my own life and marriage. I also love that it includes faith, but doesn’t shy away from topics like sex and intimacy. Plus it is written by a husband and wife so you see both perspectives! A great read to boost and reset your marriage!


I believe this book was written with intentionality to restore a marriage on any level. I loved the way it was short, sweet, yet substantial. The suggested action & reflection was beneficial to make sure my husband and I understood and were willing to do the work.


- Anonymous


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