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Marriage   Resetters


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We’re here to equip & challenge
couples to re-envision love again, reconnect and
reignite the flames of passion & excitement in
their marriage!

About Our Work:

We didn't simply stop at sharing our story in a book,  we've crafted our very own unique "secret sauce." of helping and healing marriages and relationships. We use practical, actionable, hands-on techniques, and share invaluable perspectives and personal experiences. Our coaching approach covers and tackles a wide spectrum ranging from effective communication, rebuilding broken trust, re-envisioning marriage, conflict resolution, to the art of prioritizing work and personal life, as well as fostering & rekindling intimacy.

We're not your ordinary experts; We're the kind of coaches who truly want to see couples win and thrive. When we team up with our clients, we become more than just their advisors - we're your dedicated coaching partners, right there with you every step of the way.

We don't just scratch the surface; we dive deep, helping you and your spouse get to the root of your marital challenges. Our mission is crystal clear from the jump: to reset your marriage and get to the "why" behind your love story. Together, we'll work together reimagining, and fine-tuning your relationship.


Our ultimate goal? reframing your relationship - rediscovering friendship , and forging a meaningful & fulfilling rock steady & rock solid marriage.

When we're not wearing our "relationship reset" hats, you'll find us in our corporate roles, just like many of you. We  believe that marriage isn't about achieving perfection; it's about building something beautiful and meaningful together. And yes it's hard work, but it can still be incredibly exciting. To keep our own connection strong, we make it a point to reset our marriage every 90 days. Not with just a lavish vacation, but taking our own system and practicing what we preach! 

We're also the hosts and creators of Cuddles Date Life Experiences for Dating and Married Couples. We're strong believers that every couple deserves quality, dedicated and uninterrupted time together. Since 1999, we've called Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, our home. As empty nesters, we're savoring this chapter as friends, lovers, and life partners.  Join us on this journey to reset and reignite your marriage!

A marriage reset isn't about starting over; a marriage reset is where a married couple intentionally takes steps to recover, revitalize, and improve their relationship. It involves assessing , reflecting and addressing any issues or challenges that may have developed in the marriage and taking the necessary actions to revive & bring the relationship back to a healthier & fulfilling state.

What is a Marriage Reset?

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Meet The Marriage Resetters:

Meet Jay



James H. Thomas III, affectionately known as "Jay" to his loved ones and "JT" to his colleagues, is more than just a relationship coach and TV personality. He offers a truly unique perspective, particularly from a male and husband's point of view, which has garnered sincere appreciation from countless clients.

Beyond his coaching prowess, Jay is a die-hard football fanatic and an all-around sports enthusiast. He embodies the essence of being a man's kind of man. His devotion extends to his family, where he passionately embraces his role as a husband and father. Jay's commitment to giving back is a defining aspect of his character. Whether it's collaborating with his corporate team, engaging with his community, or contributing to his church, he utilizes his charisma and humor to make a meaningful impact wherever her goes.

As a dynamic speaker and master storyteller, Jay captivates audiences and leaves them inspired. Fatherhood has always been his greatest gift, while marriage has been an enriching adventure that has taught him the value of intentionality, selflessness, and the profound significance of being fully present for his family. Jay's life journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to enriching the lives of those that he coaches and encounters.


Meet Demi


Demi Austin-Thomas is not your ordinary Certified Family Dynamics and Relationship Coach; she's a force to be reckoned with. Known for her straight-shooting approach, Demi guides couples through their most challenging and fragile spaces of their lives.

But Demi's expertise doesn't stop there. She's a Wifey Tribe Leader, a role she embodies with grace, transparency and authenticity. Having weathered her fair share of life's lessons, failures, and struggles while juggling the roles of wife and mother, Demi has emerged as a beacon of insightful wisdom. She coaches busy couples and wives how to prioritize, show up, and re-envision marriage and reset their relationships. 

With over 17 years of dedicated experience as a coach & family crusader, Demi has touched the lives of women around the world. Her empowering message encourages women to take ownership of their healing journey and rewrite their own stories. She's not just a coach; she's a catalyst for change.

Demi is a former TV Correspondent for NBC's Daytime Show, "Texas Today." Her expert insights have graced national TV screens, where she's become a sought-after personality, expert and trusted advisor to high profile industry experts and celebrities. 

Demi Austin-Thomas is not just a speaker; she's a powerhouse of transformation, a champion of  family , and a leader for women worldwide. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered by Demi! Your journey to becoming a a better & healthier version of  you starts here - and starts now!

How do you know if your
Marriage needs a Reset?

Are you and your spouse currently experiencing frequent conflict or disagreements?   Are you both content with the current state of your relationship, or do you ever feel like it's stagnated or in need of rejuvenation?


If you and your partner find yourselves struggling with communication, experiencing frequent unresolved conflicts, or sensing emotional distance, it may be time to consider a marriage reset. Recognizing when it's time for a marriage reset means paying attention to signs like struggles in communication, frequent conflicts, growing emotional distance, trust issues, feeling stuck, harboring unresolved resentments, losing that special connection, seeking advice from others, and enduring persistent unhappiness within the marriage. These signs are a natural part of many relationships, and they're a signal that it's time to take proactive steps to address these issues and rejuvenate your connection. 

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